Make & Mend – what’s the idea?

I’m looking to establish a Repair Shed here in Suffolk. Why?

In 2021 I resolved to mend things whenever I could. I was partly motivated by the challenge of learning new things, but more by a growing unease that collectively we consume too much. While we wait for governments to act to restrain climate warming (don’t hold your breath even though that might reduce emissions). I think we should take individual action. Mending things rather than throwing them away can be a part of that, and importantly is something we can actually do. I explain why I think so here.

What has struck me is how needlessly difficult mending stuff has become, which I look at in the Repair process section. The issues range from the information you need, and often can’t get, to the parts you need, and often can’t get, to the special tools you need…you can see where this is going. Products optimised for production and price aren’t necessarily best for us in the long term.

Thankfully and increasingly there are initiatives which aim to improve the situation, particularly the “Right to Repair” and similar campaigns.

But what can you do in practical terms? You could
• find out if you could do a repair using these resources?
• go to a Repair Hub or Cafe. Some are listed here

How will the Repair Shed pan out? I have no idea, but can think of only one way to find out. If you can help, please get in touch.

Moray MacPhail April 2022